End of school heralds, the beginning of an unchartered territory. it is an interesting time because you are now at the doorstep of pursuing your passion but a wrong choice and it means years of  pain and frustration.

Career options available once school is over depends on diverse factors? Factors available to you depend on your long & short term goals, your interest, your financial condition, etc. Go through the following career related discussion to pick your top career choices – and take some time to know what it has for you.

KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL CAREER -Know Your – strengths but know your weaknesses better

Think about who you are, what you’re good at and what you enjoy. This will help  you choose career ideas that match your skills and interests.

Read the following discussions:

  • What are the things you never grow tired of? Which issues, teachers, subjects interest you & Why?
  • Which subjects have you been traditionally better at?
  • What is your visualisation of your future in say 10 years time? Is your past somehow connected to future?

Be honest in self-assessment

Take at least a couple of online personality tests to not only discover but be doubly sure about yor strengths and weaknesses, because every person has a fair amount of idea about where he stands. various personality traits, likes and dislikes, qualities and abilities go a long way in helping you find the bankable career choice.

SWOT ANALYSIS is extremely important. Be honest in judging yourself, be not worried about prying eyes as no one is definitely looking over your shoulders. This analysis will help those who care to figure out their suitability to different available career options. Clear & cogent decision making is all you need to reach your goals and grab possible scopes & opportunities.

Try to enlist your best skills that you enjoyed doing and were appreciated when you attempted the same. Now try to benchmark those skills with the ones who are professionals in those fields. Try to find out, how much effort will be needed to reach those standards. Analyse the cost & time involved in achieving the same. Also try analysing, whether those skills have dual of multiple utility, because they can be ideal in giving you perfect and bankable career choices, in case things go wrong - as we all know they do.

Have a careful look at your skill-sets and interests, make an exhaustive list of all possible career options, you will be amazed to believe that how foolish & narrow you have been in your initial search. try visiting career websites as much as possible to know about evolving trends in career planning.

Create a list of all careers you want to know more about

Wider you think the broader your view, after enlisting your capabilities, likes and inclination, possibly you will have a wider canvas to plan and choose from. Every person is unique and personality changes likewise. All the above personality traits give an individual an intuition about his calling.

Every sector and field of activity has multiple possibilities & opportunities. collect more information about your dream careers - like government jobs, tourist jobs, aviation careers, teaching jobs, etc. collect skills and education needed, investment required to gain skills, skill deficit, prospects, salary, biological suitability, etc. Internal training sometimes has a lot of scope to open up opportunities, which may not be visible from outside. creative and science careers may be of special interest to you, try doing a proper research

Think about broadening your horizon, if you are interested in teaching - try searching all aspects of teaching as counsellors, trainers, instructors, speech writer, etc. Same would be true for all other aspects of careers as marketing, finance, HR, ETC. Follow your intuition and instincts and you will come across exciting opportunities.

visit a career councellor put forward your findings & take help to arrive at right career choice. Always avoid being unduly influenced by others & have faith in your decision making. Trust yourself and your intuition 7 back yourself to succeed against all odds.

Narrow down your career choices gradually

Gradually narrow down your career choices but be sure that there are more than one suitable careers for you out there. choosing one does not all together mean closing the door for others. with small courses you can keep your additional interests remain in pipeline, if you ever need a fall back option. opportunities will keep presenting themselves, keep in mind - slow and steady wins the race.

Your past is a road into the future, try finding out whether your already acquired skills are helpful in finding new career opportunities. try finding what your skills mean to the job market near and far. Your school grades need alignment with your career choices & See if your past achievements are in anyway handy in giving you an entry to any of your good career choices.

Career choice in Long and Short Term

Now that you’ve completed the thinking part, now try thinking in terms of some easily and definitely achievable goals.

To succeed at your plan, create a plan of action, to be completed in one, two and three years time.

Make a timeline of completing your goals. It could be talking to people who can guide me, attending a course that can further my career, completing a search that can help me find required info. etc.

Create your list of goals you want to achieve, the time alloted for the achievements, other efforts towards achieving those goals.



  1. Professor
  2. post doctoral
  3. PhD student
  4. researchers


  1. civil servants
  2. health experts
  3. defence
  4. social welfare


  1. MBAs
  2. chartered accountants
  3. cost accountants
  4. company secretaryship
  5. accountants


  1. Doctors
  2. Engineers
  3. Architects
  4. Economista

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